I woke up this morning with a very distinct craving: Vacation.

The last year has been so much about pushing through and  the only focus has been getting to the other side. The school year over. The book finished. Our life moved.

And I am so tired. I do not want to shop for food. Or have hard conversations. Or fold laundry. Or look for library books.  Or try.

I want to go on vacation. And while some tropical oasis might hit the spot, I am madly in love with the city I just arrived in. I want to eat decadent food in places I am oblivious to. I want to listen to music and let the lyrics resonate with me in places I didn’t have the words to map.  I want to get lost in a story…inspired by the words of a better writer.  I want to get a massage. I want to lay on a blanket in the shade and waste an entire afternoon sharing good food and big dreams. I want to shop for clothes that fit so well it would be a shame not to take them home. I want to explore. I want to linger. I want to delight and relish…and recuperate.

I want to do all of the above without thought of time, money, or childcare. I want to do any of the above.

And then…I could be brave again; ready for this next adventure. I could trade exhaustion for excitement. I could be me.



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