Hi! I’m Amanda. I’m a full-time mama and my days are rarely dull! We are splitting our life between Corpus Christi & Austin this year as we transition from living on the beach to living in a real city {which I adore}.

I blog because it’s cheaper than therapy.  I blog so that I have a record of our life. I blog because  it gives me perspective. I share because it gives other people a glimpse into our lives. I do it because it makes other mamas feel less crazy. I write because sometimes it is the only way I can sort out my heart. I blog so that I won’t forget. Raising four kids.   Even when I need to be reminded how much I love my life .  And struggling to get it right. And how someday I am going to laugh about it. 

I blog about finding balance in motherhood.  But not yet.  And giving myself permission to not have it all together.

I blog about taking time to do & be something other than the mama. And experiencing authentic & deep friendship. I blog (and read blogs) to share life with people I might otherwise never meet.  And how I want to love my people.  I blog about building a tribe to raise our kids in.  And how moving to a new city means building another tribe.

I blog about food. A lot. And cooking. And entertaining. But no recipes. Because I’m not that kind of girl…or cook! Okay…there is one recipe.

I blog silly stuff.  And I make lists.  And write abut things with little point or purpose.

I blog about how my damage spurs me to mother differently… more. Mostly it’s about how much I love being a mother. But not forget myself in that role.

Couponing or being thrifty. Because I’m just not.  I don’t blog about my marriage (because that’s just not a fair way to fight…and thankfully he doesn’t plaster the internet with all my crazy). I don’t try to save people or change their point of view. I don’t keep up with celebrity gossip. I don’t review stuff unless I love it so much I’d buy it for you myself. I don’t give parenting advice (because I’m making this up as I go along…in case you hadn’t noticed).


5 responses »

  1. This is awesome…. how will I find time to read it??

  2. Elizabeth Hunt says:

    I love your “keep it complicated” blog! Welcome to Austin! I love your post about taking your children out on the Mobile Loaves & Fishes truck…beautiful story! Elizabeth

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Stumbled upon this when your Mobile Loaves and Fishes entry (their updates pop up on my fb page and your entry was posted). I’ve always wanted to blog for the reasons you list above. Anyway, the “voice” with which you write struck a cord. You might just end up being the first blog I follow…ever. :)

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